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May 25, by Bret Rogers. ly, I developed eight reasons you must flee pornography. Pornography is one expression of sexual immorality inundating our culture. Are others you know among them? Contrary to popular resolve, Christians can say No to pornography and to any other sexual temptation.

God has not left us helpless. In Christ, God supplies all we need to fight sexual temptation; and fight we must! The Christian life is war.

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The passions of the flesh wage war against the soul 1 Pet Satan fires darts to destroy Eph But in Christ, the members of our body become instruments, or better, weapons for righteousness Rom We put on the full armor of God to resist in the evil day Eph Fight the good fight of faith 1 Tim Others are just as toxic: idolatry, self-righteousness, greed, anger, bitterness, laziness, etc.

So here are eight ways to fight sexual temptation, especially pornography, lust, masturbation, and adultery. Sin thrives in the darkness Eph Intentions of the heart hide in darkness 1 Cor Evil forces operate the domain of darkness Eph But God is light and in him is no darkness at all 1 John He changes our identity from darkness to light Eph Such fellowship includes confessing sin 1 John We confess sin to God Ps Are you hiding your sexual immorality in the darkness?

It will devour you there; it will suck your joy and shrivel your soul. Come to the light of Christ for your good!

Find trustworthy brothers and sisters, and confess your lusts and immorality. Ask them to pray for your purity and joy in Christ.

Beware that partial confession can become an avenue of hiding sin. You may not be looking at porn, but do you lust over images or other people? God knows you truly, and he still gave his Son to save.

He loved while we were sinners. Therefore, bring your evil into his light.

If your spouse is caught in immorality and refuses to repent, expose the darkness Eph The elders will also listen, support, confront, and care. Satan will tempt us to keep sin hidden. But we know his wicked schemes.

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Darkness is death Jas ; Christ is life, and his life is the light of men John Temptations are sure to come Lukeincluding temptation to sexual immorality 1 Cor But we must not create occasions for sexual temptation, like accessing sensual images or getting into situations that make us vulnerable to immoral behavior. For it is better that you lose one of the parts of your body than for your whole body to go into hell!

What might this look like? For those lacking self-control, it means getting rid of your iPhone, tablets, personal laptop, TV screens, Roku, and whatever else you may use to access immoral content. Until you mature in self-control, cut them off. If you need a phone, get a regular cellphone.

If you need a computer, drive to the library, or only use it in public places or with friends present. If you work in an office, keep the windows and doors open as much as possible. Go off the grid, clean up the computer, and start afresh. Software such as Covenant Eyes or X3watch can become useful measures for ability. As much as possible, avoid situations with others that may tempt you toward an immoral relationship.

Carbon copy your spouse on s and texts to people of the opposite sex. If married, choose not to meet alone with a person of the opposite sex. If you must, then let someone else know.

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For others, being alone and lonely can lead to immoral behavior. As much as possible, strive for close community more on ability appears below. The point is vigilance in the fight against temptation, and doing whatever is necessary to gain Christ over sexual sin. While these external measures remain important, folks can still easily manipulate them or get around them to gratify internal passions.

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To that we now turn. Of all that I write here, three is the key to obedience and sanctification from sin.

The pleasures of sin are real, but they are fleeting. Moses knew the pleasures of God in Christ were superior, more rewarding.

When seen truly, the pleasures with God will compel us to renounce the lesser, fleeting pleasures of sin. You cannot defeat sexual temptation for very long or with God-glorifying by white-knuckle duty and list-keeping. True and complete repentance will come only when you find the superior pleasures in God to silence the false promises of sexual temptation.

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Or, borrowing from C. Or, as Paul puts it elsewhere, transformation into the image of Christ comes by beholding the glory of the Lord 2 Cor Therefore, delight in the law of the Lord Ps Delight yourself in the Lord Ps Cultivate a heart for the glory of God. The more we see God as he is, the more we comprehend his greatness, the more we satisfy ourselves with the kaleidoscopic glory of his attributes, the more that the pleasures of sin will become distasteful, unattractive, and unwanted. Over time, numerous brothers have asked me to help them walk away from sexual immorality, especially pornography.

One of the first questions I ask them is how much time they spend in the word and prayer. In every case so far, time in the word and prayer has been largely absent. Also, our dependence on God in prayer is how we gain his powerful presence to overcome temptation. Not to read his word and pray is like trying to drive a car without ever refueling. Consider the following points and utilize the various means of grace God has given us:.

Do not pretend that you know yourself better than anyone else. The Scriptures not only treat such ability as necessary but urgent e. Eventually, the partners see little use in meeting, and ability becomes sparse. Give thanks for their example and imitate their faith.